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Re: SVO: Road Atlanta

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Floyd wrote:

> >Quite a collection. You got any ET's on the Kubota?  ;-)
> >
> >Gary Morrell
> >
> I sort of winged the calcs so don't flame me on it and anyway at that
> ET I don't think slight errors is going to help much. If their is
> someone in NJ who is willing to lend me one of those G-Force 1/4 mile
> meters or some dyno time. I could give you some real hard figures :) I
> think the tractor might be too slow to be able to get figures from a
> G-Tech or Dyno.
Jus go to the track:)  I ran a 70 sec et once.  The alternator was bad,
and the wheel hop made the battery cable fall off the battery..DOH!
Coasted to a stop at about the 330 mark, got out opened the hatch, hoooked
up the battery again(keep in mind everyone watching), closed the hatch,
and with as much dignity as possible got back in and ran a 80 something at
like 70mph.....talk about embarrasing.


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