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Re: Dave's List

try to send to the Fordnatics list server and SHO Times..it will bonce
back and say you arenot a member.
ALso, this is software done, not humanly.

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> > > How is he going to totally kick me (us) off? :)
> > 
> > Well, I've never administrated a mailing list before, but I thought
> > the server checked a list of members before it allowed a message to
> > the list to be sent out, and if you weren't on the list of members
> > it didn't go out.  Based on those thoughts, I also thought you had
> I have not heard of a mailing list that has that option. I've worked with
> a few and you either lock them up, or leave them open (moderated or
> unmoderated) as far as subscription. Dave would be one busy dude if he
> decided to pass all sub and unsub requests through him to do
> manually...Even if he did lock it up, it's not like there isn't 101
> different free internet web mail accounts out there where you can make up
> your own username (like "NUKE_Mp23cc@hotmail.com" ?) :)
> Cory


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