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Re: Dave's List

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Scott Shidel... wrote:

> try to send to the Fordnatics list server and SHO Times..it will bonce
> back and say you arenot a member.
> ALso, this is software done, not humanly.

Yeah, it won't let non-members post to the list, but it will let anyone
subscribe to the list. Then after your a member you can post all you want.
This prevents "spamming" mostly. The other side of the coin is a fully
moderated list. You cannot post unless you are a member, but you cannot
subscribe via software. Your subscription request is sent to a moderator
(like Roland Zuk on Merk list) and he subscribes you manually. If you have
a moderated list, the moderator can also configure posts from certain
members to come to him first. Then he can send them on to the list if he
wishes (or edit them before sending....grrr). The only problem with
moderation is it's almost a full-time job handling all the requests and
forwarding all the posts....kinda like what I do now :)

Dave's list is WIDE open (so is this one)...anyone can subscribe under his
nose and post anything they want. He can boot them, but they can always
re-subscribe UNLESS he goes moderated, which he probably wants to avoid
like the plague.

I should really invest (time-wise) in an automated mailing list...

You can wake up now :)