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SVO: Fwd: 13 sec caravan

 I know it isn't SVO, but I thought you guys would be interested in the recipe
for a 13sec. 4cyl turbo CARAVAN.

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   In September of 1988 I purchased a new 1989 Dodge Caravan with the
2.5 turbo 1 motor. It's best quarter mile was 16.5 sec. on a cold night.
I threw in Mobil 1 oil, @ stuck on a K@N air filter. My muffler man
welded a 2.5" exhaust pipe onto the back of the cat, with the cat acting
as the muffler. At New England Dragway the mini cut a 2.437 60' time,
and 16.182 @ 84.11 mph.
  I put in colder spark plugs, a colder thermostat, & bled the boost to
12.5#s.  Back at NED the mini ran 16.01 @ 84.58.  The van got a manual
fan switch (to keep the fan on at the track).  I put a solenoid air
valve on the wastegae line bleed-off so that I could control boost from
a toggle switch on the dash.  That way I could leave the line on 5 lbs.
without spinning the tires, then flip the switch up to 13 lbs. while
under way.  This produced a 2.38 launch, & a quarter of 15.766 @ 85.86
mph..  A little practice with the HI-LO switch= 2.28 60', and 15.558 qtr
  A 13# pop-off valve was made & installed on the map sensor line to
keep the stock computer from shutting me off at high boost.  I threw on
a Spearco intercooler and ran 15.111 @ 89.45 mph..
 My Cyberdyne rich-lean gauge told me that fuel was needed.  I installed
a pinch-valve on the fuel return line to close the return as the boost
climbs in order to raise fuel pressure.  14.854 @ 91.40, at 14 lbs.
 The 3 speed auto tranny was beat up.  After a beefed up rebuild, & a
hike to 15.5 lbs boost, Mean Mini cut a 14.563 @ 92.75 mph.  Keep in
mind that this is a 3,250# vehicle with 30 sq. feet of frontal area.
  In 1991 I ran a single NOS fogger nozzle rated 70-80 hp., and pulled a
 In 1992 I got rid of the nitrous, after deciding to beat my record
without it.  I found myself back in the 14.6's.  I added an extra fuel
injector on the intercooler tube 6" before the throttle body, turned on
by a pressure switch at 14#s.  The coil was moved closer to the
distributer, and a short solid-core coil wire put on.  Sticky street
legal tires were mounted on 15" aluminum Daytona wheels.  Two coils of
each spring were clamped together to stiffen the suspension, & lower the
van.  100 lbs of weight was removed from the rear half.  I took the
balance shafts out of the engine.  At NED the 60' time was 2.217 w/
quarter mile of 14.170 @ 96.03 mph.(18lbs boost)  13.949 turned out to
be the best time possible on the tiny  Mitsubishi turbo, which could not
pruduce more than 18.5 lbs.
  I knew a  Garret would flow much better, and that a Super 60 would be
better still.  The super 60 turbo, with a 3" exhaust, ran 13.764 right
out of the box at 97.67.  After the addition of a sixth injector and
positraction, Mean Mini cut a 2.08 60' time, and a qutr of 13.569 @
  In september of 1994 I drove 330 miles to Cecil County Dragway in
Maryland.  The van out-accelerated 7 cars out of 7, was the quickest
daily driver there, and cranked out a 13.484 @ 101.36 mph in 95 degree
heat.  Then she packed up and purred home after churning out 26 lbs+
boost with no trouble.
  At NED, on a 75 degree day, I made 2 passes with my new underdrive
pulley on. Boost was 27 lbs.  The tires spun (2.194 60') to a 13.475 @
102.29 mph.  On the second pass the tires spun less (2.025) and gave up
a 13.184 @ 102.57 mph.
        Tom "Gus" Mahon.

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