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Hi My name is Joe McMullen, along with my brother John.
    I have a nonturbo (rules) E Prepared Pinto that I use in SCCA
autocrossing. The engine is 40 over, total seal rings, log rod piston
combo, The head has large valves and a very agressive cam (engine no
longer free wheeling) and Electromotive distributerless ignition I use a
Goldstar flywheel clutch assembly, stock rebuilt transmission, an 8"
rear using 4.62 gears with a goldtrac. On larger courses I put in a 4.11
with a mini spool. Weight 2310lb.

    Now I am stripping an 88 TC and putting the turbo engine in an 88
Mustang.I would like to be able to outrun 5.0 Mustangs in C-Prepared
(SCCA Autocrossing) Let the Mods begin!! 
    Glad to be on the list- Cory,Joe, & Scott always have some useful
information to share (most of the time)