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SVO: fuelpressure reg. ?'s

hello all, It's a sick world and I'm a happy guy!!
as Paul and I were working hard at CCA HQ today I noticed something
different about the first(?) fuel pressure reg. on the TC motor for the
topless tiny avenger(TTA).  It seems to be adjustable, has a screw with a
locknut, pauls svo, nor his TC had it...  I was told by the guy we got the
TC's from that this one had turbo work done at a place in Glen Burnie, Md.
Iwas curious as to why that particular one was adjustable and not the one
on the fuel rail like my LX???  Also how can I figure out exactly what was
done to the turbo??  We can see where the inlet was bolted back on and
sealed w/ silicon..  The turbo is the smaller one of the two(auto. trans i
beleive) and is tight(no play) would like to know if it actually is
modified.  Or even if the exhaust turbine is changed...
 Thanx, Eric  CCA Sgt. @ arms