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Re: SVO: Loosing Electrical Power

Monty Abbott wrote:
> A couple of months ago, someone asked questions about his SVO slowly
> loosing Electric Power.  Was the outcome of that anything more than a
> better altenator?  Is is worth it for nme to install an altenator out of
> Ranger, that has built in voltage regulator and (I assume) higher amperage?

I complained a lot last winter about it, and wouldn't you know it...;-),
I tried to start it this weekend after sitting for a couple of months and
it was dead (no surprise).  I went to jump start it, and it didn't want
to jump start either (big surprise).  It took quite a while before I
could get anything more than relay buzzing.  When it finally did start,
it would die at anything below about 1500 rpm.  The battery wasn't holding
any juice, and the alternator doesn't produce enough to run on by itself
below 1500 due to the underdrive pulley.  I don't know if I froze the
battery while it was dead, or it died for some other reason.  At any
rate, I'm getting sick of this to the point of buying an alternator
from Dave, and some new Ford battery cables and another voltage regulator
at the same time.  I'll get another battery (I seem to be eating one per
year) and if I continue to have problems, I guess I'll ditch the
underdrive pulley.  Once again, for the record, I never had these problems
with the underdrive pulley when the original alternator and voltage
regulator were working properly.  So, Dave, do you sell a complete
charging system package (alternator, regulator, and cables)? ;-)