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Re: SVO: Roller cam dyno results...

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> > > make but how much you get to the ground. I do not feel that any XR
> can ever > > launch as well as a T-Bird or SVO. > > I do.  My Xr with
> bald 195-60-14 Toyo Proxi's got 2.2-2.3 sec 60's, which
> XR's don't, can't, and won't 60 ft, without rear end work. (replacement) 
> And then they'll break everything between the flywheel and the brake drums.
> Where talking the 1.5-2.0 second range here...
Shoud still be able to mid 13s with a 2.2 sec 60', EASY, if the car makes
power....if the rear holds up on a 2.2 sec 60 in a 15 sec car it will hold
in a 13 sec car, unless somehow the acceleration is different in those
identical situations...


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