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Re: SVO: fuelpressure reg. ?'s

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Eric Crouse wrote:

I was told by the guy we got the
> TC's from that this one had turbo work done at a place in Glen Burnie, Md.
 Also how can I figure out exactly what was
> done to the turbo??  We can see where the inlet was bolted back on and
> sealed w/ silicon..  The turbo is the smaller one of the two(auto. trans i
> beleive) and is tight(no play) would like to know if it actually is
> modified.  Or even if the exhaust turbine is changed...

The bigger turbine has .63 stamped on the housing, and the smaller ones
*usually* say .48.
It unlikey that the exhaust side was modded, other than to swap on a
different housing, but thats no big deal.  The compressor may have been
changed, but if you unbolt the two bolt flange from the inlet and the
compressor wheel looks to have roughly the same diameter, its stock,



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