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Re: ATTN engineers (not directly SVO related)

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Samuel M. Hanks wrote:

> List,
> 	The motorsport catalog lists the HD alum driveshaft as "...3.5 inch 
> diameter, 0.114" wall thickness, 6061-RT62 aluminum seamless drawn tube."
> 	Is the '6061-RT62' portion of the description the numerical 
> description of the alloy (just as T304 is a type of stainless steel)?  

Yeap....6061 T6 is pretty much a standard alloy...
Well, as a far a sI know, I am still workin on the degree..:/

> Does anybody know the composition of this alloy?  What would be another 
> material suitable for a driveshaft other than steel (must be lighter and 
> stronger)?  Any acceptable composites?  Costs?

When Turbo mag was doin the Low-Buck Brawler turned Big Buck Slug(Mike
Ferraras personal Talon), he had a carbon fiber driveshaft put in...Duunno
what they cost, but doubt it is "Low Buck"...


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