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Re: ATTN engineers (not directly SVO related)

Thanks for the info I will look in to that website.

>I think the Contour is a great car even though its the wife's car and I
>seldon get to "really" drive it.
>They are on the expensive side for a car, IMO, but as soon as you drive it
>you will understand why I bought it.  They are pretty fast for what is in
>the engine bay.  It runs really smooth at 100mph and has tons of torque.  I
>was used to 5.0 torque with my GT-40 prepped coupe and when I stepped into
>the SVO Mustang the torque is just not there.  The Contour has great torque
>We purchased the Black one and really enjoy it.  I have switched to
>Synthetic oil and have the materials to switch the tranny over to
>Synthetics also but it is kinda cold here in Colorado.  I had to adjust the
>Foglamps buy shortening the tentioning spring but other than that, the car
>is great at 2,800 miles since October 31.
>There is a Contour website http://www.contour.org which has info on how to
>join the Contour mailing list.  I was subscribed but most of the people do
>not share my performance views and are only interested in making the stereo
>better/louder in their Contours.
>>How do you like your Contour SVT? I was thinking about also getting one and
>>I was looking for Opinions.
>Chris Roth
>98 SVT Contour -Black
>86 SVO Mustang -Silver Metallic
>85 SVO Mustang -Bright Red

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