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Re: SVO: Loosing Electrical Power

At 11:59 12/8/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Speaking of alternators didn't somebody have a problem with a remanufactured
>alternator.  If so, what was the problem w/ the alternator?
>I'll probably need one soon.  The brushes on mine are getting close and I'm
>missing one of the six diodes. The bearings are OK though.
>Carl Haines
>86 SVO

That might have been me.

I had a lot of problems with rebuilt alternators back in July.
I would either get a unit that 'crossed' to the correct mechanical fit and
was shown as a 'replacement' or a unit that had bad diodes even after the
The windings are in a delta-wye configuration so it is not always conclusive
to check for shorted diodes, and some rebuilders might miss them. One
alternator I
got had some sort of internal short in the windings, and the core laminations 
got would get too hot to touch as soon as the car was started. It looked
like they
might have dipped the core and the windings in some sort of parts solvent that 
melted some of the insulating shellac. Real Bright.

Be sure you get the correct 65 amp unit. With air and the electric fan you use
90% of that capacity. I spent $65 something for the unit from NAPA, and after 
3 tries I finally got the correct unit: part # 13-3017. When all was said
and done, I rather wish I had bought the $150 Ford unit instead. After all
my time worth ?
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