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Re: SVO: Shifters

Scott Shidel... wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Chris  Roth wrote:
> >
> > My SVO shifter was trashed where it pivots in the plate. Is there any way
> > to rebuild the SVO unit?
> >
> Why?  Without the shift stops, they are a pretty lousy shifter if you
> shift hard(u must if you broke a bolt!)

Actually, I don't think so.  I kind of baby mine, I shift as quick as
I can, but use very little force, so it's not quite as quick as it
could be.  The factory bolts just seem to fatigue really quickly.
They are thick where they go through the shift handle, and then are
machined down much thinner at the threads.  They always break right
where the thick meets thin...they're under a lot of tension at that
point if you tighten them much.