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SVO: Regulator

Guess I will start by saying "hello" to the list members...

Got a stupid question for ya....Its been a while since i put the later
style intake setup on my 85 SVO ....but iam curious as too the
'regulator' or whatever that is inline right before the fuel rail.   I
never paid attention to it until i did a few more mods and started
running a little lean.   I wasnt sure if this was just on the 84-early
85...or if its on the 86 as well.  Just got the motor redone and
massaged the head some and wanted to get the fuel problem figured out.

Could also use some advice on what people are using pump wise....i still

have my stock inline pump and a stock 5.0 liter pump in the tank since
it was lying arround when my stocker took a shit.   Is just going with 1

big in tank (155lph or 190) pump the way to go?

And in case you answer those ?'s too quick heres another.   Im sure that

has been already
debated over and over, but iam running 42 lb injectors and wanted to
here the bullshit behind the Superchips or Essential chips.  Are they
really calibrated for the 42 lb injectors and even if they are....are
they really worth the $300 price tag?

Brian - '85 Svo