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Re: SVO: Header VS. Ported manifold?

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, FFASTSVO wrote:

>    Ok guys...let's forget about the $$ and the cost difference and soley
> concentrate one aspect between the header (ETS/ATR) and a ported late model
> stock exhuast manifold.   Which one dominates?  Is there a great difference
> between the header and manifold.  Besides the CFM rate,  I've heard the header
> provides awsome (1800rpm) spool up, something I believe the manifold can't do.
> If the tooth (2.3li?) fairy asked you to choose to have one or the other and
> knowing what you know, which one would you pick?

The fastest 2.3Ls I know of run the manifold -- Reider (11.XX in a TC) and
Byrnes (at the time he ran 11.XX).  Byrnes runs a header now, but it's one
he made.  The people that spend tens of thousands and go 12's and 13's
with stroker motors have the headers -- makes my own choice an easy one.

Unless the headers were exactly the same size as the exhaust port (and
they aren't), with a real collector (which they don't have) and well
insulated, they aren't gonna "...provide awsome (1800rpm) spool up...".

This may be getting back into the "black magic hocus-pocus" that the
religious types on the list don't believe (understand?), but I think
Bernoulli figured this stuff out about 150 years ago. ;)

Have fun and save your pennies (big bags of them),
Joe Morgan