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SVO: Re:Mystery Injectors

> Date: Sun, 7 Dec 97 10:22:45 -0800
> From: Brian Knowles <briankk@aimnet.com>
> Subject: Mystery fuel injectors
> black injectors with a blue stripe, these are Lucas-style disc
> injectors,

I cant remember at the moment if they have a blue stripe or not, but I
am running
'black - disc injectors, when i get home ill check for #'s.   But the
iam using are  42 lb injectors and they are from Mopar performance.

~Cam question~
Anyone out there actually gone from a Ford Motorsport roller to the
Engle cam Dave
sells...?    Just totally rebuilt my motor and did some head work and my
cash flow is down and iam just curious if it worth the swap...


Brian - '85 Svo