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RE: Shifters

> The 5.0 shifter has a nylon pivot bearing that made the car shift
> really
> nice and have a nice feel to the tranny.  I will pick up more of these
> in
> Phoenix with new bearings for my other SVO.
> Another bonus is that the Motorsport leather shifter knob will fit on
> this
> stick giving the stock look back to the shifter assembly.
> Chris Roth	
> 98 SVT Contour -Black
> 86 SVO Mustang -Silver Metallic
> 85 SVO Mustang -Bright Red
> http://holly.colostate.edu/~caroth
	[Mike Ray]  


	I suggest the "Cobra" knob instead of the FMS knob. $10 cheaper
and it's an inch shorter. It looks just the same, stitched leather.