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SVO: Tubular Header construction

i'm glad to see there are other engineers that are SVO fanatics.

i'm only 6 hours shy of my bs in mech. eng. at rolla. so next semester i'm
going to do undergraduate research. for my project i'm going to design and
manufactur a tubular exhaust header for the 2.3l engine. i already have a
handle on the materials (all 304 stainless), and since i have a access to,
and am taking CNC machining the flanges will be CNC machined. i'm am
currently researching what type construction the tubes will employ. more
than likely i will make two. one having equal length runners and the other
will have unequal length runners, with each port having an individual
straight shot into the collector. both of them will be able to modifidied to
adapt an external wastegate for future upgrades. 

if anyone knows of any books, programs, or anything about calculaing tube
length, turbo manifold construction, or anything that you think might be
helpful let me know.

by the way, i cannot make or sell units to other people. but i will report
all my findings and keep everyone updated on my progress. all i ask for in
return is your comments. thanks.

later, jon.