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RE: SVO: Shifters

Yep! Mine did the same thing last year. I've now got a TBird shifter on
there with different bolts and no rubber.

If your shifter is stock you can do this... I couldn't get the bolts
from Ford (even though I think they still may be avail, Jim what do you
know about these?) So I took the little threaded part of the screw that
snapped off and brought it to the parts store. I asked the totally
incompetent sales person to take it and find the smallest diameter Brake
line that it would drop into. bought the line for like $2. Hacksaw off a
piece the length of the original bolt's shaft and epoxy it over a
standard 5 cent bolt. This works great iffin you can't get the orrig.

Mike (w/ the `92 V6! hehe)

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> They are thick where they go through the shift handle, and then are
> machined down much thinner at the threads.  They always break right
> where the thick meets thin...they're under a lot of tension at that
> point if you tighten them much.
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