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RE: svo production

If you go down to the Ford dealer and talk nice to the parts guy.  He
will completely decode your VIN #, with build date, options, etc.  Even
the dealership that your SVO was originally shipped to from the factory.

STeve Leiding

> Your vehicle would be number 16401 off the line that model year.I don't
>know if Ford sells replacement stickers, let us know what you find out.
>                                                       Neil
>At 10:29 AM 12/8/97 -0500, Sly, Dennis wrote:
>>Thanks, I think this may have helped me as well. I can't read the door
>>sticker to get the build date. The last six digits of my V.I.N # 116402
>>, which would mean mine was the 401 off the line that year. And also
>>indicate that mine was probably made in the same month as yours, 10/83. 
>>Also, didn't someone indicate once that you could order another sticker
>>from ford with all the correct information if you supplied the VIN# ?
>>84 SVO, Silver