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Re: SVO: Shifters

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Chris  Roth wrote:

> Scott,
> Not all of us pound the shit out of our cars and might want to have the
> original shifter when restoring the car.  
If restoration is the big thing, do with the shifter like you do with all
the other parts that arent up to snuff for performance, put it in a box in
the closet till whenever the day comes when you would want to lose the
saftey of the Hurst...

> >Think about it, all the force you are jamming the lever with is absorbed
> >by the shift forks, which are aluminum.....
> Jeff Dalbec just had this conversation about the Comp Plus shifter.  I had
> a Hurst Comp Plus shifter on my 5.0 for your reason mentioned, but those
> were in my punk College days. That is also I had the stock shifter sitting
> at my parents house. Junk collector?
> >A Hurst is the way to go...your lucky the bolts failed and not one of the
> >little roll pins or the fork itself..
> I agree with you that the Hurst Comp Plus shifter ($150) is the way to go
> if you are going to shift you SVO hard, otherwise the Dave special $20
> stock 5.0 shifter is a great solution.  Please do not take offense to this
> post, I am merely offering MY opinion.

look at my point of veiw...I broke a fork, never a bolt, so it would seem
to me that you shift hard.  Maybe not, as Carl M said his broke too.  But
if you *ever* shift hard, a Hurst is required in my book.  Put it this
way..I broke my first T5 in a month.....
> PS I will be running 13s this summer in Colorado without abusing the SVO
> transmission.
What do you mean by abuse? Powershifting? thats not abuse if you use a
shifter with the stops and know how to find 3rd instead of banging the


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