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Re: SVO: blatherings...

At 16:10 12/8/97 -0500, Dave  wrote:
>Shifters - My 87 GT shifter bolts, BOTH broke on the easiest of grandma
>driving shift at 39Kmiles.  The Ford bolts suck.  At that time I put ball
>bearing races, to act as spacers between the stick and the stub of the
>shifter.  Since then I shifted it mercilessly for another 50KMiles, and
>then put the stick on the SVO last spring.  STILL no problems.  I cannot
>understand how people bend those forks.  I know it happens, but I shift
>fast and hard, and have never hurt a T-5.  Course, none of my cars makes
>500 HP, but still...

I suspect the weak bolts are sort of a fuse, meant to break before the 
shift forks do, under normal use.

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