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Re: SVO: Regulator

In a message dated 97-12-08 14:39:51 EST, brianm@cpl.com writes:

 Could also use some advice on what people are using pump wise....i still
 have my stock inline pump and a stock 5.0 liter pump in the tank since
 it was lying arround when my stocker took a shit.   Is just going with 1
 big in tank (155lph or 190) pump the way to go?
I would go with the 190, I put it in my 86. I have not put the adjustable
regulator on yet but did notice a big difference(could be because my original
one was weak, I dont know) but the car seems to rev much quicker now and there
has been a slightly noticeable power increase. The 155 and 190 are about the
same price, why put in a 155 and wish you went bigger, just put in the 190 and
be done with it.

Paul (CCA Pres.)