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Re: SVO: Header VS. Ported manifold?

In a message dated 97-12-08 14:58:09 EST, morgaj01@student.ucr.edu writes:

 The fastest 2.3Ls I know of run the manifold -- Reider (11.XX in a TC) and
 Byrnes (at the time he ran 11.XX).  Byrnes runs a header now, but it's one
 he made.  The people that spend tens of thousands and go 12's and 13's
 with stroker motors have the headers -- makes my own choice an easy one.
In a conversation a little while back with Lee Clary about his Evolution 2.3,
He said that it would be better to go with the manifold. He has a header on
his car and said that for all the trouble he went through with it, it was not
worth it.

Paul (CCA Pres.)