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SVO: Even More Parts for sale

Got some more stuff:

-85 1/2 & 86 Headlite lenses, new in the Ford box. 1 left and 1 right $40 each
-Clutch cable(small dogbone) $7.50(includes mailing,I can put it in an
envelope) I have 3 of these extra
-84-86 SVO inner parking lamp (new in Ford packaging) $42 each(I have 1 of
-Marchal Fog lamp cover (black with white Ford oval on it) New in Box $15
each(I have 4)
-Marchal Fog lamp cover (Grey) factory on the lincolns $13.50 each(I have 2)
-Marchal Fog lamp cover (white) factory for 79 Pace car $13.50 each(I have 2)

Its amazing what you find when digging around. Boy am I a packrat or what?
There is more junk stashed away at CCA Headquarters I am sure I will find
Thanks, Paul (CCA Pres.)