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Re[2]: SVO: Adjusting the base iginition timing

     Carl wrote:
     #1 Generally new plugs clear up a rough idle for me every time.
     #2 Yep, just twist the distributor the old-fashioned way.
     #3 Yeah, sounds like they got the accessory shaft off by a tooth, and 
     didn't bother to check the timing.
     I know setting your timing should be a simple thing, but I would like 
     add some tips for any newcomers to the 2.3L world.
     #1 - New plugs are a good thing for your idle/performance and should 
          be done every 3-6 months, IMO.  In the Chicagoland area they 
          supply oxygenated fuels in the winter, so you performance is 
          going to take a hit no matter what.
     #2 - Just a reminder, remember to remove the timing spout connector, 
          which is on the distributor harness near the TFI module or else 
          all timing mods will be in vain.  With the O2 fuel, I would also 
          suggest retarding the timing a couple of degrees, to 8, until 
          spring, by doing the following:
          Remove the spout with the car off, start the car, set the timing, 
          shut the car off, re-insert the spout and go!
     #3 - It is very easy to misalign the accessory shaft when you change 
          the accessory belt, which throws your timing off.  If it has 
          misaligned a couple of teeth, you may not be able to turn the 
          distributor far enough to correct your timing, due to the TFI 
          module and wire harness hanging off the side of the distributor.  
          If this is the case, you will need to losen the timing belt and 
          move the accessory sprocket a couple of teeth.  I learned this 
          one the first time I change the timing belt in a 2.3L.
     Good luck!


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