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Re[2]: SVO: Loosing Electrical Power

In response to Carl's post below:

I too was on the 'one battery per year' trip also, since I store my car for 5-6 
months of the year.  My cure was to get a remanufactured distributor, luckily I 
did not have any problems the past two summers with it from the looks of the 
other responses.  I store my car in a heated building that does not get below 50
degrees and disconnect BOTH battery cables(+/-).  I discovered over the years 
that disconnecting both cables, keeping the temperature above freezing and 
keeping it off of a concrete floor are the keys for battery storage.  Since I 
have done this the past two winters, my battery has not needed recharging in the
spring and lasted two summers without incident.

Just my $0.02.


Carl wrote:
> A couple of months ago, someone asked questions about his SVO slowly 
> loosing Electric Power.  Was the outcome of that anything more than a
> better altenator?  Is is worth it for nme to install an altenator out of
> Ranger, that has built in voltage regulator and (I assume) higher amperage?
The battery wasn't holding any juice, and the alternator doesn't produce 
enough to run on by itself below 1500 due to the underdrive pulley.
I'll get another battery (I seem to be eating one per year) and if I 
continue to have problems, I guess I'll ditch the underdrive pulley.  Once 
again, for the record, I never had these problems with the underdrive 
pulley when the original alternator and voltage regulator were working 

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