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Re: SVO: Regulator

In response to Brian's mail:

It is on the '86 models as well.  From what I have been able to find, this 
regulator looking device is actually a reservoir for your fuel line.  It is 
meant to help keep enough fuel in the supply line, especially when you get into 
boost.  Since the SVO injectors are batch fired two at a time, they consume a 
lot of fuel each pulse and cause the fuel system to fluctuate in pressure, which
would be come more prevalent in high rpm/boost situations.  I removed mine to 
test this and can confirm that the fuel pressure will fluctuate/vibrate a lot 
more without the reservoir device in-line, so I put it back in where it will 
stay.  Hope this helps.


Guess I will start by saying "hello" to the list members...
Got a stupid question for ya....Its been a while since i put the later 
style intake setup on my 85 SVO ....but iam curious as too the 
'regulator' or whatever that is inline right before the fuel rail.   I 
never paid attention to it until i did a few more mods and started 
running a little lean.   I wasnt sure if this was just on the 84-early 
85...or if its on the 86 as well. 

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