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SVO: Temperature problems ?

Hello All,
  I have a 87 TC . The problem that I am having is the car wanting to
climb in temperature while sitting at the light. Now lately it's been in
the 50's here in Florida and I don't think that my Gauge should be
climbing to just under the red when I'm sitting at a light. It doesn't
climb fast. it just gradually gets there. Now my fan lately seems to
turn on when it wants to. I have just one fan in my car and it will kick
on when the gauge is halfway (usually).But when I turn on the AC , the
fan comes right on (naturally ). What I'm trying to do, is to do my best
at determining if my head gasket is bad. While the car is starting to
get hot, I can rev the engine to about 1500rpms and the gauge will go
back down. That indicates that the Water Pump is flowing good right? I
put in a Water Pump, Thermostat, and Coolant temperature Sensor (NAPA )
before I drove it up North back in September. The radiator is old, but
doesn't leak. While driving up North , the car would be fine and all the
sudden the gauge would be climbing up pretty fast. So then I would turn
the AC off and it would go right back down just as fast as it came up.
Any ideas??  A couple people said that it could be my head gasket but
that was over 7500 miles ago and I still do not have any oil in my water
or water in my oil. I just changed the oil this weekend  and grant it ,
it looked pretty crappy but no discoloration to it. HELP   !!!!