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SVO: Head / Clutch for sale

Here's the deal....The bad news is I'm putting a V8 in the car...the
good news for everyone here.....the performance 2.3 stuff is for sale.

I've tried to get this stuff to work for me and it's just not gonna...

Aluminum flywheel, centerforce clutch and pressure plate all together

Cylinder head A230 Motorsport SVO roller cam and over sized valves $400.

I've posted this stuff before and everybody just want's peices. 
Unfortunately, I don't want to be left with peices, therfore, each of
these has to be sold complete.

Sorry to those SVO purists....but I'm tired of getting beat by 5.0's and
it's gonna cost me $9000 to get 450hp out of the 2.3 and only $3500 to
get 515hp out of a 351.  And when the 2.3 doesn't win the sponsors are
not happy. :-(

To those who want the real secret in hi-performance out of a 2.3 spend
the money on an FP performance (or similar) engine management kit. 
Otherwise don't bother.