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Re: your mail

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997 housej5@juno.com wrote:

> Hey Cory,
>   Could you do me a REAL BIG FAVOR ????? Keep me posted on you problem
> with the car running lean? I have a 87 TC and my car does the same thing.
> It only does it when I give it a little gas. Not when i stomp on it.

Mine doesn't lean out when I stomp on it...only when I give it a little
gas. Sounds like a similar problem. Does yours come out of it when you
give it a lot of gas?

>  I just bought some injectors off of Scott and it still does it. I should
> be getting a new TFI in the mail from Dave soon. It already seems like
> I'm following your footsteps and you've already experienced that those
> parts didn't help. Do you think it could be the Fuel Pump? How much did
> your Fuel Regulator cost?

I got one off another car ($2 from a yard). I haven't checked out the pump
or pressure yet, but I will get a gauge soon. It sounds like a fuel
system problem, except it doesn't do it all the time (and not at WOT
where a pump problem _would_ show up). Let me know how the TFI works out!