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Re: SVO: blatherings...


I went from the 270 commander to the next one (272/282) back to the
270 commander, then to the FMS roller, then *back* to the 270 (!), then to
the Engle...whew!...

I've also run a solid Isky that I had custom ground -- 294/.500" intake
and 284/.440" exhaust on 116 centers...but that was back in my
"draw-through" days (pre-FI).  It actually idled prett nice and fairly
screamed up top -- could have been just from the solids, though.  It
lasted about 6-8 months before all the exhaust lobes went bye-bye and I
went back to hydraulic.

The more I mess with this cam stuff, the more I'm convinced that you can
really only lose HP with cams when you go much past a good stocker (like
the Engle)...at least for "street" use.  If you have a huge turbo and
you're running at WOT for miles (like Byrnes), maybe you might derive some
benefit from a big cam, but I think for us mortals, cams are more-or-less
"icing on the cake"...I'm still really anxious to see what Nick's cam
would actually do if it was installed in a stock (or near stock) car.

Are you guys planning on doing an exercise similar to what you did with
the XR?  I think that was pretty cool, but it would be tough to do an
"apples to apples" comparison, since his won't just go into a stocker like
the Engle will.  Ours should go, since it's only like .450" in a stocker
(.43X" in mine...longer valves), but the valvesprings might be a problem 
because of the faster ramps.  

I have a hunch (not downing Nick at all here...) that his cam won't
actually do a whole bunch more than the Engle (or a stocker) in any
"street" type application (like mine and everybody else's on here)...my
original thory about cams still holds unless disproven -- if you want to
make positive gains in one part of the powerband, you're gonna have to
give something up elsewhere.  Maybe you can move it around some to tune
it, but IMO, cams are definitely one area where there's no free lunch...if
you want it to rev really high, you're gonna have to sacrifice low-RPM
performance.  If you want it to pull hard in the middle, you're gonna give
it up on top.

Randy wants to try "V1.0" in his XR, dyno runs and all...I really want to
know if my impressions are correct -- and know for sure what happens when
it's retarded...I just don't think I can move the peak power around that
much (from 4500 to 6000) just by moving the cam...maybe I can sweet-talk
Dave at K&N into letting us have access to the dyno over break...hmmmm...

Talk to you later,