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Re: SVO: Header VS. Ported manifold?

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, SVO8ntno50 wrote:

> In a conversation a little while back with Lee Clary about his Evolution 2.3,
> He said that it would be better to go with the manifold. He has a header on
> his car and said that for all the trouble he went through with it, it was not
> worth it.

Heck, just the added cost of replacing plug wires on a daily basis would
break me..."ETS" Steve would put on a new set, wrap them with thermal tape
and still arrive at Palmdale (50-60 miles) with his car missing.  The last
time I saw him drive it to the track (fall '95), he "borrowed" my spare
set so he could get home.

Meanwhile, I've had the same set of Motorcrafts on the car for 3 years

Joe Morgan