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Re: SVO: Tubular Header construction

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Jon Frecks wrote:

Cool..I am about 15hrs short of my BSME, but only 9 hours when it comes to
what counts....I have to satisfy all those dumb Humanities and Gordon Rule
BS still..kinda unfair I have to take a Humanities class, but those majors
dont have to take Materials or Fluids...anyways...... 

> if anyone knows of any books, programs, or anything about calculaing tube
> length, turbo manifold construction, or anything that you think might be
> helpful let me know.
I was really thinking of doing this, and this is also where I hit a brick
wall...I think the hardest part is finding the temp of the exhast gas, in
real life...sure you could build the header and use a pyrometer, but
making a header would suck if it was  a totally iterative process....
But you can calculate the volume flow in the exhuast port real easily if
you knew the temp...with that you can select a pipe diameter(I figured
right at the stock size would be good), then knowing volume flow,
diameter, RPM(time between pulses), you can then sove for the length...
Hmmm, I have senmior mechanical design next semester..hmmmmm..maybe follow
that up with independant stufdy over the summer...hmmmm:)


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