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Re: SVO: Shifters

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, SVO8ntno50 wrote:

> In a message dated 97-12-08 13:54:44 EST, caroth@holly.colostate.edu writes:
> << 
>  I agree with you that the Hurst Comp Plus shifter ($150) is the way to go
>  if you are going to shift you SVO hard >>
> Even though I have one of these in my SVO(it was $40 used) I disagree. I think
> the Pro 5.0 Shifter for the same money new is a better piece and shifts much
> more smoothly.When I have some spare cabbage(this is very low on my list) I

Yes, the pro 5.0 is a real nice shifter too..I jus say Hurst cuz its like
sayin Kleenex when talkin about tissure paper for me. Hurst was the first
to make the T5 shifters, and the name sticks with me..


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