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Re: SVO: blatherings...

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> Joe,
> So what you are saying is to not worry about your cam and buy an 
> Engle 55?  I would really like to have the roller setup but if it 
> will not really outperform the Engle is it worth it?

What I've said all along is that cams don't make a big difference...none
of them.  The whole reason I want to make a roller is that nobody makes a
"decent" one (like the Engle).  

All I originally wanted was a roller (so I could use synthetic oil and
stiff valvesprings) that would work as well as the Engle.  If we get any
more, it's just a bonus.  I do think that the faster ramps will help a
little, because we can use essentially a smaller pattern, while actually
having a larger cam (more area "under the curve"), but I've never seen a
turbo cam for any application that ran much better than a decent
"stock-ish" cam.

Talk to you soon,