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Re: SVO: Even More Parts for sale

In a message dated 97-12-08 19:26:11 EST, you write:

 >-Marchal Fog lamp cover (black with white Ford oval on it) New in Box $15
 >each(I have 4)
 I will take all four of them from you, how do you want me to pay for them,
 if check is ok, then send me your mailing addres and I will send the cehck
 tonight.  COD is ok for me just add the additional costs and let me know
 either way
Chris, A check is fine. Send it to:
Paul Becker
548 Shadowbrook Drive
Davidsonville, Maryland   21035
add, $4 to cover the shipping, total then is $64(if the shipping is less, I
will send you the diff.) I will send it through the us mail, should get there
quicker and be cheaper.
Dont forget to send me your address.
Thanks, Paul