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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50

Joe Morgan said:

>The more I mess with this cam stuff, the more I'm convinced that you can
>really only lose HP with cams when you go much past a good stocker (like
>the Engle)...at least for "street" use.  If you have a huge turbo and
>you're running at WOT for miles (like Byrnes), maybe you might derive some
>benefit from a big cam, but I think for us mortals, cams are more-or-less
>"icing on the cake"...I'm still really anxious to see what Nick's cam
>would actually do if it was installed in a stock (or near stock) car.

I'd been thinking that with a cam on a blown engine, that the idea was to 
open wide and early, blow it as full as possible, touch it off, repeat 

Youl'd want little overlap, and increases in performance would be thru 
more volume/pressure (bigger, badder blowers) or increasing RPM.  Cam 
timing wouldn't be real agressive here, 'cause cylinder filling would be 
more a function of manifold pressure than intake tract resonance, so open 
early and close the exhaust early.  Is this the right track, or am I 
making some fundamental mistake here?