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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50

You are on the right track. This is why we use alot of valve lift and not much
duration. We can make great lowend torque do to the short duration. The high
valve lift along with the boost gives you great top end power. Alot of
duration will cost you lowend , but high valve lift will not cost you
With most motors you do have to give up something somewhere. With a turbo
motor you need to have a good lowend working camshaft and let the boost give
you the top end. With high lift you should make more power with the same
amount of boost, then with a short valve camshaft. If you are running on the
street, you cannot use alot of duration but you still need to fill the
cylinders. You can do two thing to get the cylinders filled. Run tons of boost
and make sure you do not detonate. You can use a high lift camshaft, this will
allow you to fill the cylinders better.
Camshaft like this will produce near stock idle or better, great lowend torque
and still pull to redline. You can not match this performance with a short
lift camshaft. Good luck