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Re: SVO: Regulator

> It is on the '86 models as well.  From what I have been able to find,
> regulator looking device is actually a reservoir for your fuel line.  It

It's called a damper.  You explained what it does very well.  I imagine
that the adjustment is to match the damping response, to the pulses to be

I don't have any 86s, my mistake...

There is nothing to gain here and I think a lot to be lost.  Unless you
have RADICALLY changed the fuel system components, ie, rail size, injectors
(by a HUGE margin), or fuel line size, then there should be no need to
change anything.  OTOH, changing the dampening of these pulses could upset
pressure in the fuel rail and could cause you to go lean, and blow up.

I'm staying away from it.

BTW, never seen one go bad either.   If it were bad, the rail pressure
would "thrum" from the pulses, and that can be seen on a FP (mechanical)

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