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Re: SVO Header


	It's good to be back on the list. As far as the debate on the 
header, the problems I had are not the ones being listed. All the trouble 
I had was during the installation. Finding bolts that would fit, ajusting 
the wastegate mount in order for it to work with the larger turbo, 
fabricating the lower mounting bracket out of stainless steel to support 
all the weight (it bolts to the bellhousing), routing an exhaust 
scavenging system, making a custom 3" exhaust right from the back of the 
turbo, yada, yada, yada.

	I do not have problems with the plug wires at all! The car was 
raced over the summer (Bridgehampton trip driven, not trailered both 
ways). There is no damage what so ever to my Motorcraft wires and I do 
not expect any....EVER!  My header tubes do not go up like the ATR 
design, they come out and go down with at least 2" or more of air space 
all around the plug wires.

	Gotta go, talk to you good people soon.....

	Lee Clary
	Evolution 2.3