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RE: svo production

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  Your vehicle would be number 16401 off the line that model year.I
 know if Ford sells replacement stickers, let us know what you find out.
I would be interested in some new stickers too, so I can repaint the
car properly(and finally get rid of those awful white stripes) My
sticker is
messed up where the production date is.

Here's the scoop: It is called a "Vehicle Certification Label" (VCL)

Tried the ford dealer, they said car is to old '84 needed to be a late
model car, 86 guys may have a chance?

Ford technical Support line says, not from them, But..

Look in "Hemmings Motor News", It may list people who will reproduce
them and..

Osborne Reproductions, 770-962-7556, have build sheets that they send
blank ($3.00), that you can fill out yourself, to replace the original
build sheet.(No VCL's only from 1970 to 1975).

Marty Autoworks( owners name is Kevin Marty), 602-935-2558, in Arizona
(Eastern folks don't forget the time change), might make them but I
havn't been able to get contact them. Anyone else want to give them a

By the way this is how VIN#'s Break down

1FABP28T5EF116402	Ford Motor Company	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Restraint system (B=Active Belts)	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Passenger car	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Body code (28=3dr hatchback)	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Engine code (T=2.3L turbo)	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Check digit used by Ford	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Model year (G=1986, F=1985-1985.5, E=1984)	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Assembly plant (F=Dearborn, MI)	
1FABP28T5EF116402	Production sequence number	

84 SVO, Silver