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SVO: Batteries was Loosing Electrical Power

Another thing you should do, particularly before long periods of storage, is
to clean the battery.  I had found that the crud that forms on top of the
battery IS conductive!  I regularly clean the battery and I also use the
spray on protector stuff on the terminals.  Permatex makes both the cleaner
and protector.  Also, I spray the protector on the battery tray and anything
else nearby the battery that might corrode.

The last battery in my truck lasted 8 yrs. and probably would of lasted
longer had I not *completely drained* the battery twice in the same week.
Of course its possible that I was really lucky.  FWIW it was a 60 Month
Interstate battery

I agree that connector to the alternator is insufficient.  Mine is partially
melted.  I plan to add an additional wire to take some of the load off this

Tip of the Day:  Vaseline works great as an electrical contact cleaner and
it helps to seal out moisture.

Carl Haines
86 SVO

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>In response to Carl's post below:
>I too was on the 'one battery per year' trip also, since I store my car for
>months of the year.  My cure was to get a remanufactured distributor,
luckily I
>did not have any problems the past two summers with it from the looks of
>other responses.  I store my car in a heated building that does not get
below 50
>degrees and disconnect BOTH battery cables(+/-).  I discovered over the
>that disconnecting both cables, keeping the temperature above freezing and
>keeping it off of a concrete floor are the keys for battery storage.  Since
>have done this the past two winters, my battery has not needed recharging
in the
>spring and lasted two summers without incident.
>Just my $0.02.