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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50


      My name is Chuck Taylor and I'm the new guy, I'm not an engineeeer or a
good speller, but i do have a 85.5 mustang SVO.  For money and speed I work
for the US Navy as a flight instructor in corpus christi,tx flying the T-34
(550HP...fully aero).
      My one and only SVO started life as a 85.5 the guy I got it from gutted
it out completly and put capri fenders on it with about 3.5 inches of metal
between (really w i d e  now) the car was on its way to SCCA GT-1 prior to
scca not allowing turbo cars in gt, so it's a road racer.  

       1. 13 inch wide goodyear racing slicks at all four corners(1.2g's), and
a very stiff  ride everywhere else.
       2. big KN filter,turbonetics super S T-04, porshe 930 intercooler,
gutted upper rotated 90 deg. ported/polish lower, 50lb/hr bosh type injectors
fired by a HALTECH fuel computer, ported/polished/bigvalve head. svo roller
cam/ triple valve springs, stock block/ o-ringed/ balanced /stock rods/ tri
metal bearings, electromotive crank fired ign(from esslinger), ported 86 ex
man., delta gate IV wastegate, 3inch ex., alum flywheel with centerforce duel
friction, alum driveshaft, BM ripper shifter.
      3. 50 hp NOS fogger not on car yet.
      4. sikkens vivid canary yellow, duralight rims(11x16 ft, 13x16 rear),
the whole car is bright but looks home made.
      5. thanks Turbo Joe for getting me here and for the timing numbers, I
hope this wasn't too long but I have a lot of questions/need help to get all
of this cool stuff to work right and I did not want to repeat my set up each
thanks for including me 
Chuck Taylor