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Need help with fuel system

Here are the mods:

1. NGK plugs ( I will go back to the ford ones when these are toast)
2. FMS 8mm wires
3. Manually adjusted boost
4. K&N 6" conical
5. Engel 55H Cam
6. 3" Exhaust
7. Ported intake
8. 87/88 TC exhaust manifold, ported.
9. Turbonetics T03/T04B, 57 trim, .63 exhust,Stage III driver, ceramic
ball bearing centre.
10. 8.8, 4.10 rear end , out of an 88 lincoln Mark VII
11. Stock cylinder head, ported.

With all these mods, they are only good to a point if you are not
getting enough fuel. So I assume I will need 

1. larger fuel pump , 190 l/hr
2. larger injectors., 42#

My confusion is about how to make this stuff work. Do I need to get
another computer, or a Fuel pressure regulator, Plump, in a fifth
injector. It would seem to me the easiest thing to do would be to get
one of those super chips that change the fuel curves and increase spark
and as a bonus raises the rev limiter. But I have to believe that you
guys no a better way if I am way off  track.

84 SVO, Silver