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SVO: Intake relocation

At 02:28 PM 12/9/97 EST, CTaylor930 wrote:

Chuck's car sounds like quite a machine!

>gutted upper rotated 90 deg. ported/polish lower...

I was thinking about this change the other day.  The 90° rotated upper
would be a great idea for people running a different Intercooler (Volvo)
but how would this effect the flow of how the intake delivers the air?

I realize that a fair amount of re-wiring and component relocation would be
necessary but it might worth it.

Possible major problems I see are the EGR system rerouting, possible
interference with the Distributor/Alternator and Hood clearance.  Do anyone
have any thoughts on this modification?

Chris Roth	
98 SVT Contour -Black
86 SVO Mustang -Silver Metallic
85 SVO Mustang -Bright Red