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Re: SVO: Intake relocation

Chris Roth wrote:

> Chuck's car sounds like quite a machine!

Yeah, no kidding.  I wonder how the Haltech is working out...

> >gutted upper rotated 90 deg. ported/polish lower...
> I was thinking about this change the other day.  The 90° rotated upper
> would be a great idea for people running a different Intercooler (Volvo)
> but how would this effect the flow of how the intake delivers the air?
> I realize that a fair amount of re-wiring and component relocation would be
> necessary but it might worth it.
> Possible major problems I see are the EGR system rerouting, possible
> interference with the Distributor/Alternator and Hood clearance.  Do anyone
> have any thoughts on this modification?

I've thought about it for a couple of years, ever since someone (Steve
at ETS?) told me they were working on that sort of thing.  The fact 
that it never came to anything made me think that the problems involved
must have been too big to be worth the cleaner front mount IC install...
It seems like they had to go to a serpentine belt system and relocate
the alternator, among other things.  So, Chuck, would you do it again?
What were the gotchas?