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Re: SVO: Intake relocation

> >gutted upper rotated 90 deg. ported/polish lower...
> I was thinking about this change the other day.  The 900 rotated upper
> have any thoughts on this modification?

Carl said;
> I've thought about it for a couple of years, ever since someone .....

1) the wild XR under "racing at bridgehamton, fellow XR owner" link
2) Lee's Evolution car,
3) Martin Allair's convertible XR's engine shot under Carlisle 97,

on my home page, for examples of radically modified upper intakes.

You can't just unbolt it and turn it cuz the flange is non symmetrical at
90 degrees.  I bet you could slice it in half above the flange,  turn it,
and reweld it, but all the ones I've seen, have just made it a simple 90
degree shot at the lower intake.  I saw one, somwhere, where the TB pointed
at the hood, but I can't remember who it was.

I don't think you need to worry about air distribution.  When it matters,
you'll be boosted. When it doesn't, you couldn't do any worse than the
stock configuration is, at the head/intake flange.

Check out the XR above for a cool IC installation.  The flow tubes are part
of the core support.


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