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SVO: RE: Changing Plugs and removing intercooler

>I'm going to change my plugs,cap, rotor and wires on my '86 SVO. I
>bought the wires,cap and rotor from the dealer for $67 (ouch) !! Didn't
>think it would be that high. Any recommendations on plugs ??

I use the Ford or NGK plugs.  There's lots of exotic plugs around, but I
stick with the cheap ones.  They work good and are easy to change
>Any tips or things to watch out for when removing the intercooler (looks
>like I have to) ?? 

Yup, comes off very simply.  Two bolts at the front, two bolts at the
back, 10mm on mine.  Two "worm drive" clamps one at the throttle body,
second at the turbo outlet.  5 minutes tops !

>Also which bolt is the clamp bolt for the distributor
>(for adjusting timing) ? Is it the one on top the cylindrical housing
>coming from the engine out to the distributor or is it where I can't see
>it ??

I think I know what you mean,  if so Yes.  It's the bolt directly behind
the alternator, tucked below the rubber PVC hose.  Right where the
distributor shaft goes into the engine block.  It's a tricky one to get
at, 15mm I think.
>STeve Leiding