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RE: SVO: RE: Changing Plugs and removing intercooler

FYI all, someone makes a special distributor wrench for the 2.3 motor.
Inquire at your locally owned (intelligent) auto parts store.

My buddy worked at Sears, I asked him to get me a Dist wrench for the
car while I lived in Germany. They didn't have one so he went to the
local parts store and they said it's a special tool and ordered it for
him. It's 17mm and came with a tag on it that said Ford 2.3.

It works great but still kinda a bear to use with the FI PVC hose there.

Mike (no SVOs now but a secret deal maybe in the works!)
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> The distributor bolt on both of my SVOs has a 17mm head.  I ended up
> buting
> a special socket from Sears that is the 17mm and swivel socket
> all-in-one.
> I have heard that many people have changed this bolt to a Allen-head
> to
> make it easier to adjust the distributor.